Real Estate Title Services

Report Types & Pricing

Limited Title Report: Search from the date of current deed forward with complete vesting information, complete tax information, all unreleased encumbrances, liens and judgments (during the search period), copy of current deed and a typed legal description.

Full Title Search: Search back in time (State Law or Underwriter specific) with complete vesting information, complete tax information, all open encumbrances, liens and judgments, copy of current deed, and typed legal description.

Document Preparation: Our document server can prepare any document, populated with information from the completed title search, ensuring consistency and accuracy. Affidavits, Releases, Modifications, Assignments, or client specific documents (Mortgages, Deed of Trust, releases, etc.), unless prohibited by law. We can also automatically include these documents with the completed search product eliminating duplicate typing.

All our pricing is competitive in the market, especially considering all the value-added services we provide to our clients. Invoices are clear, easy to understand and you’ll never find any hidden fees. Individual invoices with each report and a monthly summary statement of your account are provided.