Real Estate Title Services

Just some facts!

Report Types Provided:
Current Owner Search
Three Owner Search
40/60 Year Title Search
Foreclosure Search

Pre-Clear Title: We attempt to remove or clear any old lien or encumbrance, prior to sending the report to the client, including common name judgments.

Resolution Support: When we report a title issue that results in our inability to insure, we provide you with clear direction (including underwriter assistance) for what will be required to clear it. This is not to be confused with legal advice.

Payoff Assistance: Should you need assistance obtaining a payoff, our staff will gladly assist you. We have extensive resources available to us that can help in speeding up the process.

Title Work Overview

Any type search, anywhere: We have been providing a complete line of high quality title products for residential and commercial lending in all 50 states since 1978. Purchase, refinance, HELOC, second mortgage, foreclosure, or loss mitigation transactions; whatever your needs we have a product.

Coverage & Commitment: Coverage Area: We provide real estate title services in all 50 states, 31 of which we are a licensed title insurance agent for Old Republic National Title Insurance Company. In all the other states we have made arrangements with other agents to provide title insurance services, adhering to our levels of service. In states that require attorney certification, all of our work is certified and compliant with applicable state laws and never violate the UPL (unauthorized practice of law) statues .

Service Level Commitment: All reports are completed within 24-48 hours of the order being placed, with over 80% completed within 24 hours).

GFE and Insurance Quotes: We can provide a preliminary GFE or title insurance quote, prior to any order being placed. These figures can be used in your loan origination program to complete your good faith estimate to the customer.

Report Binder: Every report that we issue will include a binder containing specific information about the individual order. It may also include general information about the state and/or county the property is located in, general announcements, etc. This binder is in addition to the commitment binder when applicable.

Limitations of Liability: Each report type contains different limitations of liability coverage that is negotiated up front and is clearly displayed on the binder accompanying the report.

Order Requirements: We ask the client to provide us with 1) names of the record owner(s), 2) the complete address of property to be searched, and 3) any additional information (non-private) that could be relevant to the order (how long they have lived in the property, who holds the mortgages, etc.).

SECURITY: We will NEVER ask you to provide ANY personal non-public information (social security number, financial information of any kind, etc.) on the order as this information is not relevant to performing a title search. This type of information may be needed in the future to clear a specific title issue, but will be requested using the appropriate secure method by an authorized representative of our company.