Just some facts!

Cloud Computing

A powerful concept that saves a business money by them not having to support the hardware and software necessary to host information and/or programs locally. Whether CRM or Faxing, PBX or Web Site Analysis, we continue to partner with amazing companies that provide brilliant cloud based solutions to the small and mid-size businesses.

It's So Much More Than a Commitment: From credit bureau terminals, fax machines, the TRS-80, Windows for Workgroups, Windows 7, blade servers, virtual computing and more recent, the "Cloud"; we have seen technology drastically change every aspect of how we do business over the years. Since the early 80's our commitment to the research and development of new and emerging technologies has remained constant to ensure that we would never be "left behind" in the race to efficiency. From our first e-mail message in 1991 (to a Toshiba Computer Specialist in Singapore), to the continued development of the vmcSelect portal and "package based development solutions". We remain fascinated when the unification of technology with willing and amazing employees lead to increased productivity and better profit margins, as we inch closer to perfect service to our clients.

Extending Technology Beyond Our Workplace: Research and development is a small part of a larger vision, one that includes our employees and their processes, how it will affect our client and what can it do for our contractors. We take everyone into account when planning, developing and/or implementing any new technology.

Your Online Experience: The end user experience is critical to any web application and should always be one of ease and simplicity. Every application we design is done so with this standard in mind because we don't believe a client should ever sacrifice performance or features as the result of a system that doesn't make the grade. Our solutions are developed, "through the eyes of the end user", consistently performing well beyond the expectations or needs of our clients.

Virtualization: Our experience with virtual technology dates back many years when it was used for application design and performance testing only. Now, our entire enterprise is based on this technology and not only is the management, deployment and recovery processes easier, but the annual savings is significant.

Our workstations are dual monitor iMac's utilizing complete virtual technology and the power of the Mac operating system. Virtual Windows 7 machines provide the operating system necessary for Windows only programs, completely integrated within a Mac OS X environment providing a limitless technological environment for our employees.