All of our enterprise applications have been developed internally at Data Search. In 2005 we formed a technology firm, InterActData comprised of an amazing group of dedicated creative individuals that understand our vision and do so much to help us reach our goals. In-house technology support allows for changes to happen when necessary and immediately. Visit them on the web at


Is the technology behind your Online Internet Account at Data Search and provides the flexibility to create a completely customized environment for each of our clients. Visit them on the web at

Your Online Internet Account, in the Cloud

Security: All communication is 128-bit encrypted SSL. All of Data Search and affiliated web services and servers have been penetration tested, passed and certified. All information provided to and stored by our web servers is locally encrypted for additional security.

Availability: All of our web services and your Online Internet Account are available 24x7x365. Our servers our clustered for redundancy and part of a virtual infrastructure farm that affords 100% reliability. Maintenance is always done off-hours, clients are always notified well in advance and there is never a disruption in service.

Simple to Use: When developing for the web, we look to the end users (clients and employees) for their insight into what they think makes a web application great. Two things continue to be at the top of their list;
1) they want a simple interface that makes sense to them, and
2) they want to be able to find information quickly.

We present the user with an easy to understand, customized interface on a single page format that makes entering new orders simple and quick. We only ask for the information necessary to complete the work being ordered and all information is service specific.

Finding information is the true gem of the system, whether using our full-text search field or through the sorting of "views", relevant information is displayed accurately and immediately.

Accountability and Auditing: Every communication and response between a lender and Data Search is recorded, providing a complete detailed accounting of every loan file. We never edit or remove any information, files or correspondence once it has been submitted. Since we do not archive orders, you have access to this information for as long as you like.

Profile Based: We use client profiles to provide a complete custom experience for the end user. Each client can decide to have a single profile for the entire organization, individual profiles for every loan officer, or a combination of both. Profiles determine what information the user has access to, what they can do while on the site, what fields are available and what notifications are sent.