Real Estate Closing Services

Just some facts!

Closing Products:
Witness Only
Witness, HUD Prep and Disburse
Witness and HUD Prep
Witness and Disburse
Purchase or Transfer Closing
Notary or Attorney Closings

We Adapt: Every lender has a different way of doing things and our ability to adapt and do things your way, is one of our many strengths. We understand this concept and believe it is our responsibility meet your needs, not the other way around.

UPL - We take it seriously: We are in compliance with all state laws and regulations and abide by all the statutes regarding the unauthorized practice of law, specifically states such as NC, SC, WV, DE and GA.

Real Estate Closing Overview

Our closing department is simply "head and shoulders" above the rest, specializing in handling the most difficult closings while always ensuring your deal gets closed on time and as expected.

From a witness only to a full purchase closing, we handle every detail from beginning to end, accurately and efficiently.

Every closing is scheduled at the convenience of your customer and within 2 hours of the order.

Ordering Process: Closing orders can be placed by phone, fax, e-mail or via your Online Account.

ICL Support:Insured closing protection letters can be issued on any deal we close where title insurance is involved.

Service Level Commitment (SLC): You provide us with two dates and times that are convenient to the customer and we make every effort to get it scheduled within 2 hours of the order.

Because a closing can take place at any time or day, we offer "Flex Hours", making sure that a representative from our office is available regardless of the day or time. Should something come up that the closer or attorney needs clarification on, you can count on us to be available.

Another Level of Review: We understand that the person reviewing the title in your organization is not necessarily the same person in charge of the closing. All of our closing processors are also licensed title producers and review the title documents prior to the scheduling of the closing. This is another level of review that could eliminate a potential delay in or postponement of the closing.

Partner Network: We have an extensive network of notaries and attorneys that understand our commitment to our clients and the importance of being thorough, complete and professional. Performance metrics are used to constantly evaluate their performance ensuring only the highest quality experience for our clients and their customers.

Follow-Up: Once the closing is scheduled it is tracked and followed to completion.

Post Close:We will review the document package once the closing is complete to ensure all documents were signed correctly and that the closing instructions were followed completely.